Although we have attempted to outline below
in straightforward English the terms on which
submissions to will be
accepted, please be aware that these terms if
accepted by you create a binding legal agreement
between you and which significantly affects
your rights. We strongly urge that before
accepting these terms you print out a copy
and review it with your attorney, manager and
other representatives and if you have no such
representatives that you seek other independent
qualified guidance. We reserve the right to
make changes to the Submissions Agreement in the
future, although these changes would not apply
to you unless you accepted the revised terms.

The basic submissions terms which will constitute
our agreement if you accept by clicking the
"I ACCEPT" box or submit any material to
are as follows:

1. rights.

Any sound recordings, musical and/or vocal works, pictures, videos, song lyrics and/or
other materials (collectively the "Material") submitted by you shall be available for us
to use on a non-exclusive basis anywhere and everywhere throughout the universe
without any payment to you. We will not sell or license your music to others (making
your music available to visitors of our site shall not be considered a sale or license), but will be authorized to reproduce, distribute, publicly perform, publicly
display and digitally perform and/or distribute the Material in whole or in part, alone or
together with other material. shall also have the right to use the Material
for the purpose of promoting products and services and to use the name,
likeness and biographical material and any logos, marks or trade names of you or any
individuals performing or otherwise represented in the Material or the artist or band
included or referred to in the Material without any payment to you or any other persons
or companies. You provide the right to waive, on your behalf, any
performance royalties on the Material for airplay on internet, satellite, or other radio,
for the purpose of promoting, your band, or your music.

2. Ownership of Materials.

At all times you shall retain full ownership
of the Material while granting to the
following non-exclusive rights: By accepting
this agreement and/or submitting any Material,
you are guaranteeing to that you are of legal
age to enter into contracts (you're not a minor)
and have all rights, approvals and/or consents
necessary to submit the Material on the terms
provided herein. You also guarantee that no
permission is required from any other individual
or company for us to use the Material and other
rights provided herein. You further guarantee
to that the compositions, recordings,
lyrics and other materials contained in the
Material are original, created only by you and
do not contain any "samples" or excerpts from
the material of others and do not otherwise
infringe on the rights of any other individuals
or companies. Although we're big believers in
free expression, you also guarantee that the
Material does not and will not violate any
laws or be defamatory, libelous, pornographic
or obscene. Finally, you guarantee to that
the Material will not contain any "viruses" or
other information which may damage or otherwise
interfere with computer systems or data
or that of our customers. You shall be fully
responsible for any violation of your agreements
including the guarantees made to under this
paragraph and you shall indemnify us and our customers from any damages and costs, including
reasonable attorneys fees, arising from your
breach. You shall sign and deliver to any
additional documents that may request to
confirm rights under this agreement.

3. Terms of Use. shall from time to time publish on the
site its policies concerning the service and
content to be submitted and you agree to comply
with those policies. shall have the right
to review your Material and in its discretion
edit, alter, decline to post or remove any of
the Material for any reason.

4. Disputes.

You represent that you own right, title and
interest to all songs that you upload or mail to . If a dispute and/or claim exists therefrom, reserves the right to remove such song from
the website until such time as a bonafide
resolution has been reached by the disputing
parties. is not in a position nor has the
authority to resolve any claims and/or disputes
therefrom. We will not be your referee.

5. Disclaimer.

You acknowledge that the operation of our site
may from time to time encounter technical or
other problems and may not necessarily continue
uninterrupted or without technical or other
errors and shall not be responsible to you
or others for any such interruptions, errors or
problems or an outright discontinuance of the service. There are no assurances whatsoever
that any of the Material shall actually be
utilized on the site or if so utilized
continue to be available for any particular time.
The site may be discontinued at any time,
with or without reason. If for any reason any
part of this agreement violates any law or would
otherwise be void, this agreement shall be deemed
amended to the minimum amount necessary to make
it lawful and enforceable.

6. Cancellation.

After the song you uploaded has been available for rotation for a
reasonable amount of time, you are free to cancel this agreement with , and upon your emailed request to being
received, we will proceed to delete your song and band record from our system.
We are obviously not responsible for any copies of your song that may have
been downloaded from our site before we removed your material.

7. Miscellaneous.

In the event of any dispute concerning this agreement California law shall
apply and all legal proceedings, if any, shall take place in California.

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